Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 Wedding Dress Tips For Brides-to-Be (From Vera Wang!) AS SEEN IN GLAMOUR WEDDINGS!

If you looked up "glamorous bridal gown" in a dictionary, it would make sense to see Vera Wang's face there. The designer is virtually synonymous with wedding dress perfection—and today, she's here to share a few important tips for you, my dears...

1. Be true to your own style. A wedding dress is about self-expression. The most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel beautiful.

2. When you choose a gown, make sure it is really who you are. If you normally dress conservatively, your wedding is not the time to try something risqué. You want to be comfortable in your appearance.

3. The happiest brides are the brides that play up their attributes and minimize anything they perceive as a fault. The dress should feel as good as it looks.

4. If you are going to let the dress guide everything, then plan the entire wedding around the dress. But if you have a venue you specifically love, then the wedding must be geared to the venue. You really have to choose which path and what you are going to be guided by.

(As seen in Glamour Weddings by Jenny Feldman)

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