Saturday, January 16, 2010

Q&A: Introducing Our Wedding Experts

Getting overwhelmed planning your wedding? Have questions about what to do, what to buy, and when? Now you can ask our professionals, Megan Drown and Sareh Khajenouri, at Exquisitie Bride, from when to buy your dress and what style works best for you!
Here at Exquisite Bride, our team is a very close knit little family. With everyone having a common ground in fashion and the wedding industry, it is no surprise that the chemistry just clicks with everyone here. Take for example Megan Drown, who graduated from LIM College in Manhattan with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She has been in the industry now for the past four years, working her way up from an internship at the prestigious Vera Wang corporate office to a bridal stylist at the Exquisite Bride bridal salon. She has an eye for design, whether it is the silhouette of the dress or jewerly to accessorize, she knows just what will look right. Just ask the professionals at some of our bridal photo shoots, which Megan styled on her own.
To get a feel for Megan's style, check out her favorite dress (shown above) which can be found at our salon, Gemma by Amsale. It is elegant and pure, yet sexy and sophisticated, fit for a bride who wants to wear the dress and not for the dress to wear her. With the right touches from a bridal stylist like Megan, it is bound to turn from just a dress, to your dress.

Sareh Khajenouri, our newlywed, has a passion for making every bride feel like a princess on their big day. A graduate of George Mason with a degree in Graphic Design, Sareh has always had a love for art and design. Before her career at Exquisite Bride, Sareh worked as a head graphic designer at a corporate business in Virginia. Planning her big day is what intrigued and inspired Sareh to become involved in the bridal industry, particularly Exquisite Bride. Our brides trust Sareh here because she pays close attention to details that make a bride to stand out on her wedding day.

Sareh's fairytale wedding has been featured in wedding magazines such as Wedding Style. Additionally, she has been featured in bridal runway shows, photoshoots, and ads for the store! To get a feel for Sareh's style, check out this tulle Vera Wang gown (shown on the left), designed to make any bride feel like a princess. A beautifully architected wedding dress, it is much like Sareh's work: a piece of art!

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