Thursday, September 30, 2010

Celebrity Week At Exquisite!

This week at Exquisite Bride was celebrity week!

While we were closing shop Thursday night, Anthony Lombardi from the reality show, Jerseylicious walked by our salon! We called him in to chat with us. Soon after, we went to a grand opening event at Papillion, a men's sportswear store across the street from EB. Anthony was there, and was kind enough to take a picture with us! We love Jerseylicious!

Our next celeb sighting was of Bruce Springsteen! Our bride, Jennifer and her fiance were taking their engagement photos down in Manasquan on the beach with their photographer, Kella MacPhee, when they spotted The Boss! They were lucky enough to have a couple shots with him, and they then landed all over the newspapers, Internet, and the news! This couldn't of happened to a more beautiful bride! We are so happy for Jennifer and her fiance, and wish them the best!

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