Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Snippets on Etsy!

When I look for material to blog about, I always turn to Etsy, my favorite website. Generally, everything on this website is handmade, which is what I love about it! I was looking for wedding cake toppers on Etsy a couple months ago, and I came across this amazing vendor, The SnipPets. First of all, not only are their cake figurines adorable, they are also made with lots of love by Carrie in Lexington, Kentucky! The SnipPets is a company devoted to the awareness of spay and neuturing pets! Here is their definition of a SnipPet;

What exactly IS a SnipPet?It's simple. A snip~pet is...

1-PET art created with SNIPS of paper, paint and clay.

2-a PET that has been spayed or neutered...the kindest SNIP of all! Make sure YOUR pet is a is the only way to stop pet overpopulation and the consequent euthansasia of millions of healthy, adoptable cats and dogs EVERY year!

Carrie custom made these toppers just for me! I sent her a couple inspirational pictures and she knew exactly what I wanted. Take a peak at some of her other cute stuff! (The first one is the one she customized for me!)

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