Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tip of the Day: Beauty

Even if you have perfect looking skin, the few days before your wedding is not a good time for a facial.Even good complexions may flare up under the pressures of wedding planning. Deep facial massage and manipulation can cause redness and bumps that may not go away in time for your wedding day. If it's in your budget, ideally it would be wonderful to plan several facials beginning at six months before your wedding and up to ten days before the special day. This kind of scheduling will allow your skin a chance to recover and minimize stress-related eruptions.

You will also need to decide whether you will have your makeup done professionally on the day of your wedding. If so, it's wise to have a trial-run at least once. If professional makeup on your wedding day doesn't figure in your budget, consider scheduling one or two visits with a makeup artist before your special day.

If you're comfortable doing your own makeup, the months before your wedding is a perfect time to learn all you can about the "look" you will try to achieve. Check out the colors and products you will need. Remember that you will be under stress when applying your makeup on your wedding day, so keep it as simple as possible in effort to make duplicating your look relatively easy. Keep in mind that a fair-skinned bride often looks rosier when surrounded by attendants wearing pink. Keep in mind your own skin tones and whether or not you will be tann on your wedding day because of the time of year.

Stay beautiful brides! :)

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