Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tip of the Day: Create Your Own Wedding Website

Technology is the way of the world nowadays. Keeping friends and family members updated on news before the big event helps the bride stay organized and stress free. Most online wedding sites come with a RSVP tool and a section for you to blog about the proposal. And of course you can upload photos and video as well.

You already know family members will call up and ask: "What are the directions to the church?" "When is the bridal shower?" "Did you get our RSVP?" Dealing with the time consumption of planning a wedding and picking the right dress is hard enough; having 100 and something phone calls will only cause a headache. An online wedding website can be seen as your own personal assistant. Not only will you and your guests benefit, but you can share all the details of your wedding with friends and family no matter where they live!

Below are links to some great wedding personal sites FREE of charge!

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