Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Top Row by Vanilla Bakeshop, Second Row by Rebecca Thuss, Third Row by Rebecca Thuss and Red Ribbon Studio, Fourth Row by Taste

I love cake, cookies, cupcakes and candy....yummy! Soo when I saw this elegant post on Style Me Pretty I wanted to let you know, it's ok to have a decadent selection of sweets to choose from other than a grande wedding cake. You can tie in your favorite color to your favorite candy and have a visually pleasing dessert bar. Incorporate your flowers to the area and you can add to your look. If you are not doing a wedding ake, you really have to go all out and have a substantial dessert selection for your guests. An array of fresh baked pies, a selection of great Italian pastries, a hodge podge of miniature cakes in your favorite flavors. Something that guests with a sweet tooth can really look forward to!

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